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Breakout Sessions

Job Networking Sessions

Our free networking events are designed to help Triangle Professionals network, make contacts, expand their social circle and find potential job prospects in the process. This networking group is open to all those in transition with a focus on professionals in IT, Software Development, Project/Product Managers, Network Engineers, Business Analysts, QA and all other related professions.

More than just a networking opportunity, TTN provides breakout sessions to help you find the right job in the Raleigh-Durham Tech Community. These sessions include topics to help job seekers at every phase of their job search while getting to know your fellow attendees better.


Using Brand Awareness to Fuel Market Expansion

Mobilizing Grassroots Marketing Initiatives to Fuel Expansion

Contributor: Tony Kershaw

This session assists professionals with developing brand awareness and engagement to power development throughout the community and continuous growth.


6 Second Leadership Sound Bite

Leadership Skills

Contributor: John Ruppel

Reflecting on history, leadership is more important then ever and today's business's are scrambling to find good leaders. Each of us is a leader and we all bring to the table a unique leadership value. At my table we will construct your 6 second leadership sound bite so that when you are in an interview, having a conversation or are directly asked about your leadership style, you can respond instantaneously with a clean, clear concise communication about what type of leader you are, your leadership in action, and most importantly, your value proposition, the value your leadership brings to that organization. For those that have taken Londy's "Behavior Selling Class", this would be considered one of the the weapons to flip the switch or turn the dynamics onto your process, your terms. Look forward to working with you.


Demonstrate Dynamic Leadership in the Interview With a Plan

Interview Preparation

Contributor: Ted Case

This table session provides people in transition with a simple and flexible format for planning their personal 30, 60, 90 day goals in their new job. This simple plan is to be prepared in a very general way before your next interview. It is not a plan on paper to present to someone, but a plan in your head to impress your interviewer with your thinking.

This simple overview of your plan is intended to provide a dynamic way to communicate to the interviewer that you are a leader with a flexible and innovative mindset and a plan to go with it. This is especially useful when interviewing with companies that have some sort of an entrepreneur initiative or that are experiencing or want some sort of change.​


Get Better Results by Re-Coding Your Character

Executive Development

Contributor: Laura J Nigro

Learn how your natural CHARACTER TRAITS drive you to show up, and how you can FLEX them for better results. How much does this really matter? A LOT — says Return on Character: The Real Reason Leaders and Their Companies Win (2015, Harvard Business Review Press)

This is targeted, purposeful development, from the inside out. In a private small group setting, with as much or as little self-disclosure to others as you want.



Professional Development

Contributor: Josh Stubbolo

Learn how to be specific about what to ask for and the advantages of job search work teams.

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